“I’ve been waiting for something like this.” “I’m really surprised nobody’s done it yet.” That’s what people are saying about Vitality – a mobile food concept that will revolutionize the way people dine.
About us

VITALITY Fresh Fast Food

Vitality is now here and serving the Boone, NC area. Our vision is have to Vitality Fresh Fast Food restaurants in every major city, starting in North Carolina and eventually growing throughout the southeast United States. 



Vitality Kickstarter

Hooray, we have reached our goal amount! Now we will receive all funds contributed to our Vitality food truck project!!! 

We would like to thank all those who pledged to our Kickstarter project!

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Neighborhood Yoga

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Lynn Mountain Farm    



Our mission is to make healthy & fresh vegetarian fast food convenient and affordable for our customers! We will use local and regional ingredients as much as possible.

Service Hours

The Vitality Food Truck is currently serving food from 11 AM through 5 PM Monday through Saturday. 


Food service will initially begin out of the Green Mother Goods parking lot at 116 W. King Street across from the Daniel Boone Inn and next to Earthfare. Eventually we will expand our service locations to include the Boone Heights shopping center next to Bare Essentials and the Wellness Center, as well as downtown Boone in the evenings.